InMotion Hosting Review: Is the Best Business Web Host?

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InMotion Hosting is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The company is a leader in the small business hosting field, offering a wide range of hosting plans and web design service as well. InMotion has been in business since 2001, being a CNET certified provider form more than 10 years and getting an A+ rating from the BBB agency.

In the following part of our InMotion Hosting review, I will share our personal experience with the company. Other websites might only talk about positive aspects, but here you will find both pros and cons.

Our Experience with InMotion Hosting

We have been using InMotion since 2010 for hosting couple small business websites. We have never had any problems with the company at all. The service was always consistent. We have never experienced and downtime (expect those scheduled for maintenance) or performance related issues. Our experience with the support is very positive, they have always answered and fixed our issues in time and they have always been very friendly.

From August, 2015 we have started monitoring a random website hosted with InMotionHosting. The data is provided by UptimeRobot (a great tool to test website performance and uptime). The following graph represents the response time and uptime of the tested website in real time.


InMotion Hosting Uptime – July 2018

We have been monitoring a website on a shared hosting server. The average response time is around 600 ms, while the yearly uptime measured by us is around 99.98%, which is way above the guaranteed 99.9%. Excellent results in my opinion.

What we like about InMotionHosting


What we don’t like about InMotion Hosting

Price should not be your main concern when picking web hosting, but InMotion is obviously more expensive than its competition. But, hey you have to pay for quality, right?

Another thing that we didn’t like is that each customer has to verify its purchase through phone. This might not be a problem for US customers, but users from other countries might want to skip this step.

Conclusion: Is InMotionHosting Right for You?

InMotion Hosting is a great hosting provider, who has proven its reliability and support over the years by receiving many awards and recommendations. Starting your first online project, need a hosting plan for a growing website or need enterprise hosting service, InMotion has solutions for everyone.

If you need a reliable hosting provider and can afford to pay extra for professional service and online support, InMotion is a good hosting company you can rely on.