Reseller Hosting: Starting your Web Hosting Company

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is also known as white label hosting. By using the services and tools of a certain web hosting provider, you can create your own web hosting operation and sell it to other people. As a reseller, you are basically renting servers from the company for a cheaper price and offer your own service for your customers, gaining profit.

Nowadays, there is a high demand for various hosting services, be it for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento just to name a few of the most popular platforms that need a solid hosting service. Also, there are many types of websites out there, such as toplist sites, company websites, blogs, vlogs, and much more so if you want to become a reseller, you can surely find your target audience.

The most successful resellers are either web designers that want to offer a bit more to their customers or entrepreneurs that want to get a slice out of the web hosting business. Investing into a reseller plan doesn’t mean that you represent the company behind it, you can actually create your own brand and provide your own custom packages. The pricings and the service you want to sell are completely up to you.

Main Reasons to Use Reseller Plans

The reason why so many people join reseller hosting plans is that they can start off right away, there is no need to create a full featured service from scratch and then sell it. Reselling is easy and it doesn’t even require technical skills or to invest in hardware. The company with the reseller hosting plan already took care of that part.

Generating customers and interacting with them is one of your main tasks as a reseller. Even if the servers are experiencing connectivity problems or other hardware related issues, you can’t be responsible for them.

However, the customer support team behind the reseller hosting provider needs to be quick and reliable because if there is an issue with the payments or billing, the customer will blame you until it gets resolved. This way, you can get support and provide support to your own customers at the same time.

For web development companies, joining a good reseller plan is usually a great idea. They usually have a significant client base that they can turn into potential customers and sell their hosting package to them. Reselling with an already existing brand and client base is much easier, especially if it consists of people who prefer purchasing from smaller companies.

5 Best Reseller Hosting Providers

To become successful in reseller hosting, you need to choose the best reseller hosting plan available that also suits your needs. First of all, check out the hardware specs offered by each company and how much they cost. As we already mentioned, a good customer support is crucial when joining a reseller hosting plan, you shouldn’t even start without that.

In order to manage everything seamlessly, you need a solid control panel and plenty of account management tools that are easy to use. You also need a billing software that lets you buy and resell your hosting packages under your brand’s name.

At last but not least, check out if the disk space, bandwidth and the overall features offered by the company are good enough to support your reseller hosting business. Now we are going to present you five different companies that offer the best reseller hosting plans in our opinion and give you a detailed review about each of them.


You have probably heard of HostGator as it is currently one of the biggest names among all the companies specialized in web hosting in the World. They have a strong technical support team that is always ready to solve your technical issues. Besides offering outstanding shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, their reseller hosting plan is also a great choice.

Their first reseller hosting plan for beginners is called Aluminum that comes with 60GB storage and 600GB bandwidth and it costs $19.95 per month. Their Silver plan is the most recommended one with 140GB disk space and 1400GB bandwidth for only $24.95 per month. You get unlimited domains with every reseller plan and lots of powerful tools as well.

HostGator’s free features that can come in handy for every reseller are hundreds of video tutorials for your clients, private name servers and a powerful billing software. The guaranteed uptime at HostGator is 99.9% and you can always have your money back in 45 days if you changed your mind. They have an independent datacenter that satisfied so many customers in the past years and you should expect the same top-notch service with your HostGator reseller plan as well.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the top providers out there that gets positive reviews all the time, praising their reliable and affordable plans. They provide top-notch performance for website owners, ensuring the quickest page load speeds and the ability to withstand huge traffic spikes. But what benefits resellers the most is their outstanding customer support that can be reached via phone, email and live chat.

Another thing why it is worth it to join a reseller plan at InMotion Hosting is the top-notch network infrastructure and hardware. There are one of the oldest companies in the industry after all, investing a lot into their equipment.

Their reseller plan for beginners costs only $13.39 per month, while there is biggest plan for $27.49 that can be ideal for more experienced resellers. All these plans at InMotion Hosting will grant you free SSD storage, a powerful billing software called WHMCS, regular backup, dedicated IP and cPanel for account management.

If you are not satisfied with their services, you can ask for your money back within 90 days. InMotion Hosting has plenty of options for both big and small businesses and you can find numerous positive reviews about the company on popular tech sites.


NameCheap was started back in 2000 and it strives to provide individuals and businesses top quality web hosting services since then. You don’t need any experience in web development to successfully set up a website with NameCheap while the prices are also affordable. The company accumulated over a million customers so far and registered around three million domains.

They invested a lot in various servers such as Dell, Supermicro and HP and top-notch firewalls that ensure a solid 99.9% uptime for their customers. With NameCheap, you get more than your money’s worth because you don’t need a big budget to start a web hosting plan with them that provides an unbeatable performance.

NameCheap servers are absolutely secure and private, providing SSL certificates, Premium DNS with Anycast technology and a software called WhoisGuard that provides domain privacy. Their reseller hosting packages are based on cPanel and WHM and you get a free website domain by registering as well. Reselling is divided into three plans, the Nebula for $16.96, the Galaxy Expert for $26.95 and the Universe Pro for $36.95 per month.

You can choose between a US and UK datacenter and each of the plans provide unmetered GB bandwidth and unlimited resold accounts, except for the first one that limits it to 25. NameCheap provides every tool that might come in handy for resellers including access to their SSL reseller program, marketing tools, WHMCS billing and more.


When it comes to reseller hosting, GoDaddy is definitely among the top five companies that provide high-quality plans. The provider is based in America and they guarantee a high-speed service, their own user-friendly website builder and cPanel admin interface.

Since GoDaddy established, people registered millions of domain names through the company which makes it the leading company among the domain registrars. The services at GoDaddy come with automatic backups, a solid 99.9% uptime and scalable hosting plans.

With this provider, you can become either a Basic or a Pro reseller depending on the plan you choose. Until you have only up to 25 customers, a Basic plan is optimal for you and it costs $8.99 per month. The Pro plan makes you able to accumulate unlimited customers for only $14.99 per month.

Each of the plans come with a reliable customer support, commission and sales reports, an eCommerce storefront and credit card processing. Their customer support team not only provides help for website owners and CMS users but they also help you to succeed with your reseller plan. GoDaddy even lets you determine the price for each of your products, so it’s only up to you how much you will make.

By being in the industry for more than 18 years, provides various standard and innovative hosting services. The provider is a popular choice for those who want to establish a powerful online presence by using their plans. They are great in providing a wide range of dedicated servers, VPS, cloud services and a reseller hosting program as well that can be greatly beneficial for entrepreneurs. lets you set up a maximum of 20 websites and provides unlimited storage, email, and transfers. There is also an abundance of features you can get with each web hosting plan including SSL certificates, 100+ scripts for one-click installs and their own web-based control panel which is a fine tool for managing your virtual servers.

In terms of hardware, provides the latest SSD hard drives and servers with top-notch network infrastructure. If you want to join as a reseller, you will get an instant account setup which leads you to their web based manager where you can easily take care of business.

They divided their reseller hosting offers into five different plans, with the first one costing $19.95 all the way up to the most expensive one that costs $69.95 each month. You get pretty much the same premium features with every plan, such as unlimited domains, a unique IP address, private DNS and fast MySQL running on SSD drives.


All in all, reseller hosting is a great way to make money if you are interested in the technical aspects of it. It is a great opportunity to run a profitable business with a very small budget to begin with. A few important things to keep in mind when choosing a reseller hosting plan are bandwidth limits, customer support, scalability and most importantly the price and affordability.

You can always look up the quality of customer support for each hosting provider as it is something you will probably need to use after joining a reseller hosting plan. If you do it right, your business will definitely grow and you will need to upgrade to a better plan, therefore scalability is essential.

We presented you five of the best reseller hosting companies in our opinion and they always somewhat differ from each other. To choose the perfect one for your business, you need to consider the number of accounts you want to sell. There has to be a nice balance between the hosting plan itself and the pricing it has to offer.

Starting a reseller hosting plan with these web hosting companies can be highly beneficial for social media marketers, smaller businesses and creative professionals as well.