5 Best Drupal Hosting: Enterprise Level Website Building Solution

When someone starts to talk about Content Management Systems, Drupal is one of the providers that come into mind for most people. It is one of the most popular CMS out there because of its scalability and high-end design. Drupal is widely used for educational purposes and by governmental agencies, but those are only a few among the millions of websites powered by this CMS.

As most of the popular open-source software out there, Drupal is also completely free to use. The reason why thousands of professional teams use this CMS is because it provides high performance and allows the user to build complex websites that are much harder to build with some of the other popular platforms.

Front-end developers and programmers can greatly benefit for the amount of customization Drupal offers, introducing them to a different way of building websites. A guy named Dries Buytaert started it all back in the day with a simple message board that he created to keep in touch with his friends.

Soon it attracted a huge audience and all kinds of people started to share ideas about web development and web technologies in general. People got interested in the software that ran the site so it became available in January, 2001 and Dries named it Drupal. The community started experimenting and developing the platform and the CMS started its rapid growth.

Main Reasons to Use Drupal

Drupal is user-friendly for beginners and people with advanced PHP coding skills as well, making it a great choice for everyone. What differentiates this CMS for the other popular ones out there is its robust architecture and flexibility. Drupal is especially recommended if you want to set up a website that is expected to grow quickly and attract huge traffic.

You can consider Drupal as a work in progress but it is considered as a solid and stable CMS since 2001 that improved a lot since then and keeps improving day by day. The whole system with the wide range of add-ons is developed by the Drupal community and although many other platforms sell add-ons for money, you can get them for free with this CMS.

Drupal is among the top three CMS on the Internet, but it’s definitely the best when it comes to flexibility. If you have an idea about the type of content or functions that you want on your website, you can take advantage of the unlimited possibilities offered by the platform.

Additionally, Drupal has a huge knowledge base with regular news and plenty of guides in every subject. You can also find professionals in the community who are eager to provide help whenever you face an issue or want to ask a question.

The 5 Best Drupal Hosting Providers Reviewed

Of course, you can only use this php-based CMS effectively if you pick a hosting environment that is reliable and provides you with all the required features. Considering the fact that Drupal is mostly used by developer teams these days, it might not be that straightforward to choose a web hosting provider that meets all the requirements.

By default, Drupal is one of the platforms that is the least dependent on server resources. However, when developers start to add custom features to the system, it requires more advanced hosting technologies in order to run properly.

A good hosting provider offers tools like one-click installs, professional tech support (especially for Drupal-related issues), a knowledge base that helps users properly set up and maintain their websites, and proper tools for ensuring performance and security.

Now we are going to show you the 5 best web hosting providers for Drupal users that offer all the necessary features to run a website seamlessly.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is well-known nowadays for their high-end server performance, tech support, wide range of features and they are also compatible with Drupal. Since they are one of the biggest companies in the business, they offer all kinds of web hosting plans including dedicated hosting, shared hosting and VPS for both big and small businesses.

You will get a very generous 90-day refund if you didn’t like their plans which is plenty of time in case you want to delve into the pros and cons of InMotion Hosting. By trying out one of their plans, you will gain access to a feature-rich environment with the latest dual PHP and MySQL versions and top-notch security.

At InMotion Hosting, a solid 99.9% uptime is guaranteed and they also ensure your Drupal websites to run like the wind. They have the latest hardware using Dell servers, Max Speed Zone technology and very strong CPU in their datacenters that are based in Washington and Los Angeles.

InMotion Hosting customer support can be contacted via phone, email and live chat every day, all day. They are ready to answer questions and solve problems related to their plans, features and CMS such as WordPress and Drupal.

There are 3 different VPS Hosting plans available for Drupal. With the first one, you get 4GB of RAM, 75GB disk space, 4TB Bandwidth and 3 IP addresses for a price of $24.99 monthly. The second plan is their best offer for VPS Hosting, offering 6GB RAM, 150GB of storage and 5TB Bandwidth for only $39.99 per month.


HostGator is another huge company when it comes to web hosting. It is based on cPanel and provides plenty of hosting plans that are great for Drupal website owners and web developers. With their shared hosting plans, you will get all the latest LAMP tools that are necessary for Drupal. Besides that, their dedicated, cloud hosting, and VPS plans provide such a high-end performance that you can hardly get from other providers.

What you get with HostGator’s cloud hosting plans is a premium hardware with RAM and CPU that is more powerful than usual, providing you with extra cores. With their hardware and multiple caching layers, your websites can load two times faster than usual. In addition, they manage their network traffic with load-balancing which ensures Drupal scripts to run without delay.

HostGator’s Cloud Hosting prices are as low as any other shared hosting plan on the Internet on average. You can choose from the Hatchling Cloud plan for $4.95 per month, the Baby Cloud for $7.95 and the Business Cloud plan for only $9.95. With the first one, you get one domain, 2GB of RAM and a 2 Core CPU. The other two offers unlimited domains, while you get a free positive SSL and Dedicated IP only with the third one.

Another reason to choose HostGator is that you can easily monitor your site’s performance, uptime, traffic, page download speed, usage trends and a lot more just by using their user-friendly dashboard.


BlueHost was quite successful in the web hosting industry in the last few years, even winning a best hosting provider award this year. They are well known of their Linux hosting services and optimized servers that are optimal for hosting all kinds of MySQL and php based websites, supporting Drupal sites as well.

At BlueHost, they made sure that all the popular PHP versions are constantly available so you can rest assured that there won’t be any compatibility issues. They offer every feature required for creating a solid Drupal website no matter which plan you choose. With every BlueHost plan, you get cPanel for administration, the latest MySQL, free domain and dual versions of PHP.

It is not that easy to find a Drupal hosting that is affordable and offers powerful specs as well, but BlueHost is definitely one of them. What we recommend for Drupal is their three shared hosting plans. The first one is the Basic plan for $2.95 per month and what you get is one website, 50GB disk space, 100MB email storage with 5 accounts and limited Sub and Parked domains.

The most popular one is the Prime plan which grants you unlimited storage, Parked domains, Sub domains and email accounts with $200 worth of marketing offers, Domain Privacy and Site Backups as well for only $5.45 per month. If these normal plans are not enough, you can extend them with a Go Pro package that grants you a high-performance server, Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate and Site Backup Pro.


InterServer.net is a successful web hosting company that was established in 1999 and gained lots of experience since then. Although computer technology evolved a lot, the core principles at Interserver.net are pretty much the same.

They still offer a high-quality customer support and high-end hosting plans according to today’s standards. Customers can reach the support via phone, live chat and tickets and their team ensures that none of their clients need to worry about their hosting experience.

Now their plans are the leading choices for lots of freelancers and hundreds of companies from all around the World. InterServer.net is also a huge part of the Drupal community with a history of helping thousands of their customers to set up their own Drupal websites.

InterServer.net has a unique approach when it comes to managing their servers, setting their capacity to 50% to prevent server crashes or slow loading speeds. This ensures more resources for every customer than an average shared hosting plan. According to the reviews, the server uptimes at InterServer.net are very close to 100% on every week.

Their Drupal-optimized hosting costs only $5 a month and it comes with unlimited storage and transfer, Raid-10 storage, weekly backups, Cloud Linux OS, Free migration, Unlimited FTP and email accounts and much more. They support most of the available CMS with Cloud Apps and if you don’t like their service, you can get your money back in 30 days.


GreenGeeks is one of the providers out there with the main purpose to become the perfect Drupal web hosting provider. They optimized their servers for Drupal users for a better experience and their team of professionals are always ready to provide help especially with problems that are related to the CMS.

There is even a popular book called Drupal for Dummies that helps ordinary people understand how to start with Drupal and how it works and it recommends GreenGeeks as the best Drupal hosting provider in the market. Of course, they are not just randomly mentioned in the book because there are indeed plenty of positive reviews on the Internet written by GreenGeeks users that are satisfied with their service.

GreenGeeks is quite a unique provider with great social responsibility. While their offices and servers use up a certain amount of power, they always buy three times of that in Green Energy. By choosing one of their plans, you can also make a positive impact on the environment. On top of that, they provide top-notch tech support to every GreenGeeks user.

They offer reliable and fast Drupal hosting for only $3.95 per month and you get lots of useful features with their plan. Both beginners and skilled developers can benefit from their unlimited space and transfer, 1-click Drupal install, SSD Raid-10 storage, 99.9% uptime, FREE domain transfer and registration and much more.


Whether you want to start a simple blog, a government portal or a web shop, you can’t go wrong with Drupal. This CMS has a lot to offer and by picking one of these 5 web hosting providers, you will get all the features necessary to successfully run a Drupal site no matter how big or complex it is.

One of the most important things when choosing a web hosting provider is its customer support. With this list, we introduced you to the most reliable providers with skilled tech support teams that you can quickly get in touch with.

Another feature that might come in handy is the one-click installation that can save you some valuable time. It all depends on what is important for you and your business. Every Drupal web hosting provider is a bit different but hopefully you can pick the right one after our short reviews.

Even if you are not quite sure, you definitely can’t go wrong by choosing the most attractive one from our list. These 5 web hosting providers already proved themselves to hundreds and thousands of people and they are striving to be competitive in order to stay among the top.