Why Choose SSD Hosting? – Advantages & Disadvantages of SSD Web Hosting

choose ssd web hosting

It isn’t easy for everyone to keep track of all the new technologies that get implemented into various industries every year. New types of hard disks however, have been integrated into our computer systems for the past 5 years. Most of our laptops and PCs use regular hard disks, but now we have the choice to include an SSD into our system. We also have the option to choose a web hosting service with SSDs.

What is an SSD?

SSD is short for Solid State Drive, which is a disk that relies solely on electronics, unlike a regular hard disk which reads data out of a disk through a pin. Since SSD have no moving parts, they are much more reliable and more shock resistant. Not to mention that they are 30% faster.

A regular HDD copies data at a rate of 50-120 MB/s, while an SSD copies data from 200 – 550 MB/s. The difference is immense but so is the pricing, making an SSD cost about 6 times as much as a regular HDD. For example, a 2 TB SSD would cost you around 3000$ and a simple 100 TB one comes at around 120$. While a regular 500 GB HDD costs only 80$. Considering how much faster a computer system works with SSD, it is very much worth it. The same goes for your website if it is stored on an SSD architecture.

The benefits of SSDs apply to hosting services as well. They make websites load much faster and access to the rest of your online data is also incredibly speedy. Thanks to the fact that there is no physical movement within this hard disk type, we can benefit from a much faster internet too.

What is SSD Hosting?

When you read or hear the term SSD hosting, it means that the company uses servers that have SSD hard drives. This means that they store data more persistently and everything can be read and written much faster from them. But in short, it translates into a much faster and accessible website.

The Advantages of SSD Hosting

Because all data is read out of a microchip instead of a disk and pin, they are very shock resistant, making them much safer. They also run more quietly and have a low access time. SSDs are much better than HDD in many regards and here are the reasons you might or might not choose them.

3X Faster Reading Time

One of the most attractive things in SSD is their speed. No matter where the SSD is stored, reading data out of it is much faster. Your website’s visitors will enjoy a much better user experience if the website is stored within an SSD architecture. No disks have to spin so that people get access to your website, which adds up to 3x the speed than you could have with a HDD.

More Reliable and Secure

Sometimes all it takes is a bump or a magnet to mess up a traditional hard disk. Which means that the servers that use them are much more sensitive and could easily lose data under the wrong circumstances. SSD however stores data on a microchip that operates completely electronically. There are no mechanical moving parts, so there’s less room for physical damage. It also uses a lot less power, which leads to less heat generation. Because of its high durability, there is no need for fragmentation either. Thanks to SSDs being so well made, there is a lot less chance that you’ll lose any of your data due to hardware failure.

More Stability

SSDs are more stable thanks to the fact that they have no rotating disks inside them. They won’t skip anything during data encryption and decryption or during other sensitive operations. This way every bit of information is stored properly and securely on the server. With less chance of failure, your website will function much more smoothly.


Since SSDs use a lot less power they provide a more energy friendly solution than traditional hard disks. They don’t demand such large coolers either, so they’re make storing your data a much more environmentally friendly process. An SSD uses 80% less energy for every 1 GB, so you’ll be doing Mother Earth a favor too by upgrading.

The Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

No technology is perfect but SSD is a step forward either way. Here’s the only disadvantage SSD drives have.

They’re Expensive

SSDs haven’t been around for too long and they’re still considered a new technology. Due to their outstanding performance, their price stands out of the crowd as well. Anything that runs with an SSD is more expensive, so it’s a bargain hunt when you’re looking to upgrade your PC or hosting to it. But lucky for us, SSD hosting is becoming less expensive every year. In fact, almost everyone can afford it at some hosting providers. You can get an SSD hosting package for around $5 that performs well in every other way too.


Aside from being pretty expensive SSD hosting is what I would recommend for anyone who’s looking to upload their website. It’s much faster and much reliable than any HDD based architecture. So if you come across a hosting package that says SSD and has a reasonable price, choose it over one that doesn’t.

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